Personal Stuff
Lefty vegetarian feminist bisexual polyamorous cliche cluster over here. But then, I guess we’re all clusters of one bunch of cliches or another. Professionally-speaking, I’m a Marketing and Content specialist with a twenty year career in the tech industry. You’ll find this blog will overlap a little with general professional themes sometimes because, well, my work interests me!

As for the other stuff, I’ve been a bookworm for as long as I can remember…

I was one of those kids who had six or seven books on the go at any one time – I used to move myself to the room in which I’d last left my book-of-choice. English Literature was a ludicrously obvious choice of degree for me, and I honed my critical reading and thinking skills with the best of them at Sheffield University. I still tend to have several books on the go and switch between them according to mood – and to some extent, by mode/location. You can find me on goodreads here.

Art and craft
I’m more of a maker than a painter (my creativity is expressed through writing, knitting, spinning and sewing), but as the daughter of an artist I grew up with a love of bold colour and an appreciation of bold strokes and original, expressive thinking. That’s what you’ll see me drawn to in my art discussions.

Film & TV
Film and television consumption leans heavily towards quirky, especially if it’s sci-fi and fantasy – just recently, I’ve adored the fusion of politics, silliness and sci-fi that was Braindead, had a fabulous time wandering through a rewatch of The Prisoner, and inhaled the various Marvel/Netflix collaborations. I can’t imagine getting rid of the Blade Runner, Tripods, Nightmare Before Christmas or Tipping The Velvet DVDs, even though I watch everything without pressing an ‘eject’ button these days. I grew up on classic Who and TOS, spent my teens with the boys from the Dwarf, and there is still always, always room for Trek in my life.

I’ve always written, too. I can remember writing a horror story at the age of maybe 8 or so, and making it into a book that would have been a graphic novel if only I’d inherited my father’s skill at turning headvisions into drawings. But my skill is in transmuting them into words, and snippets of that are what you’ll see here.

I gig rarely; the crush of people isn’t for me. Which is a shame, because there is nothing to compare with live music for really carrying you away. My tastes are eclectic, but you’ll find more folk, indie, rock, ambient and electro (who doesn’t like a bit of Daft Punk?) than you will chart pop here.

Want to talk?
With pleasure! You can reach me on contact [at] catwiddowson.co.uk.

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